Kiss Your Fears Goodbye with Self-Hypnosis

Spiders, and doctors and dates, oh my! What do these, and other seemingly unrelated things, all have in common? Fear. People are afraid of lots of different things: the dark, heights, flying, public speaking, the unknown, success, bridges, tunnels, exams, … Read More

Afraid of the Dentist? How to Feel Calm in the Chair

Using Hypnosis, Relieve Your Fear of Seeing The Dentist Imagine going to the dentist.  Afraid of the dentist?  What kind of feelings and mind images does that create?  Fear?  Panic? Helplessness?  If a dental visit causes you to feel afraid, … Read More

Fear and Phobias

Do you fear spiders? Speaking in Public? Phobias may seem irrational, but they are a real and a person who suffers with phobias experience a powerless reaction. This fear response is created by the subconscious mind as if you were … Read More