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Breaking Free From Smoking

Breaking Free From Smoking

Do you want to quit smoking? It goes without saying that when you stop the deadly habit of smoking you quickly improve your health. Often people who have smoked since pre-teens believe it can be a very difficult habit to break. And if they continue to believe that self-limiting idea, stopping the habit may be impossible for them.

Why do people fall into the smoking habit? Often, peer-pressure plays a strong part. Those who keep smoking increase their risk of stroke, lung and heart disease, cancer and may other health-destroying conditions.

Were You Tricked Into Starting The Smoking Habit?

Using marketing tactics containing only half truths, big business promotes the idea of smoking being beneficial to you somehow. By continuing to believe smoking benefits you, you can only make uninformed decisions about it. And that partly contributes to your continuing with the habit.

Nicotine’s addictive nature can keep you smoking for a while. But by educating yourself and committing to improving your health, you can kick the habit and stay smoke free.

Poison Properties Can Confuse You Into Continuing Smoking

Research shows cigarettes contain many poisons. The chemical properties of the poisons slowly erode your health. Consciously you may want to stop smoking. But some of the poisons make quitting challenging. That’s why you need a coach to help you.

An experienced quitting coach works with you to create a quitting plan. Did you ever think that quitting was a beneficial ability? Well, in this case it is. Quitting smoking means being committed to improving your health. And I encourage you to commit to naturally improving your health because there is only one you with one chance to live the life you really desire.

Be Encouraged

Frequently amateur smoking quitters can feel discouraged after trying various cessation techniques by themselves. They may quit for a while but they come back to it. I call that yo-yo quitting (which is similar to yo-yo dieting.) Quitting for the wrong reasons often brings you back to smoking. Again, the smokers who are coached by a professional greatly improve their chances of permanent freedom from smoking.

Compelling evidence confirms that you can permanently quit smoking using natural quitting methods that include hypnosis. As a consulting hypnotist, I can assure you many clients no longer smoke because hypnosis helped them successfully free themselves.

Using hypnosis, an innate mental focus and concentration skill present in all humans, can be beneficial for any person wanting to change their attitude about smoking. Almost anytime you experience strong emotion like laughing, sneezing, relaxing, focusing, concentration, you create a hypnotic mind state.

Whenever you relax and your awareness calms to the state of mind between awake and asleep, you are in a hypnotic state. Since your mind is a living tool there to help you make decisions, doesn’t it make sense to learn more about hypnosis and start using it to your benefit?

Research shows that by relaxing and being in a hypnotic state you are most receptive to accepting beneficial suggestions. When you perceive and then believe that something is possible, eventually it becomes a habit. That’s why hypnosis is so helpful for smoking cessation. Through hypnosis you change the way you look at the habit and soon, using tobacco in any form in your life no longer matters to you.

Are you ready to be coached to quit smoking? I can help you with that.

What Happens During a Hypnotic Session?

You may already have an idea about what happens during a hypnotic session. When you are hypnotized, no one and nothing can make you do anything against your own will.

When you relax into hypnosis, you are using your mind and brain to focus, concentrate and access information about a specific idea. A hypnotic guide suggests new ways of behaving in situations that initially seem challenging to you. Seeing the situation from a new perspective, you feel empowered to change its meaning and your response becomes more appropriate to who you are today,

This change helps free you from feeling challenged by the old habit. When you understand the challenging situations and memories from the past in a new way, they no longer seem to limit or sabotage you.

Seeing how actions are guided by beliefs, the professional hypnotist can suggest various ways to see smoking as detrimental to you. The truth about smoking is that it is dangerous to your health.

These meaningful suggestions help you to realize that smoking no longer interests you for any reason. The desire for a cigarette diminishes quickly and dramatically until the desire to smoke is completely gone.

Many permanent ex-smokers report enjoying incredible smoking cessation success with the help of hypnosis. This drug free method of quitting smoking helps you learn to use the power of your own mind. Using hypnosis to achieve your quitting goal also helps you realize that other goals can be achieved using your hypnotic ability.

As a professional hypnotist, I can help you kick the smoking habit. Please contact me Doris Robinson if you are ready to invest in building your ability to quit smoking. Call me at 215-659-6955 to schedule your free consultation or email me at [email protected].