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Do you get overwhelming feelings of Fear or Anxiety?

Do you experience stress, anxiousness, or nervousness?

Anxiety can be debilitating! There is HOPE! Can you image a life of calmness, relaxation, and joy filled days rather than stress, anxiety, fear and nervousness filling your moments. Having a panic attack is a scary experience, unfortunately for most, it does not stop there. The fear of when then next attack will come can be consuming. The fear creates a conditioned reaction that triggers a panic attack even when you only feel remotely anxious. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Hypnosis can break the cycle. By transforming the conditioned reaction caused by the fear of when the next attack will happen, hypnosis can dramatically reduce the frequency of attacks. Hypnosis works subconsciously to give you conscious control over the conditioning reaction.

During an anxiety relief session, the subconscious mind is retrained to recognize that trigger experiences for panic attacks are not dangerous. The subconscious is thought more appropriate positive responses to the trigger and the cycle is broken.

I use various techniques including hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping, NLP, and relaxation techniques to assist you in alleviating the anxiety attacks. It starts with determining the triggers for the panic attacks so that the emotional connection can be reframed. A program is crafted utilizing various techniques that work specifically for you and your anxiety challenges.

It is possible to control your anxiety and to stop the fear cycle of waiting for your next attack.

You CAN become more relaxed and in control.

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