What Specifically Happens During a Hypnosis Session?

During a hypnosis session, the hypnotist assists you to refocus your thoughts in a desired direction. Realize that you may experience each hypnotherapy session differently. Depending on your specific needs, the results will apply to what you need for that visit. However, there are some basic stages common to all hypnosis sessions.

Sessions normally begin with a conversation during which the hypnotist learns more about your issue. This is called the pre-talk part of the session or pre-interview. During this part of the session the client and hypnotist develop a rapport. After the hypnotist acquires more details about the issue or challenges, you are guided into a hypnotic state.

The beginning of the hypnosis session is called the induction. During the induction, the hypnotist gives you suggestions to relax. It is during this relaxation experience that the hypnotic process helps you to clear your mind of distracting or self-limiting ideas.

The hypnotist then helps you to deepen your relaxation and provides suggestions for change based on the issues previously discussed.

After the issue is addressed and the suggestions reinforced, the hypnotist suggests that you return to a state of wakeful awareness.