“When I came to see Doris for the first time, I hadn’t been sleeping for over a month and felt like a walking zombie. With her friendly, calm and reassuring manner, I knew right from the start that I had found the right person to help me. I was able to get a good night’s sleep shortly after my first hypnotherapy session and I am now falling asleep relatively easily after 4 additional sessions. It is also reassuring to know that Doris is available for additional help should I need it. Doris Robinson is a kind, helpful person, a great hypnotherapist and I recommend her highly!”
Herm S

“It has been 9 days since I stopped smoking. I had several thoughts of cigarettes (no cravings or real desires) the first few days …but none since then. Breathing is greatly improved and coughing is almost nonexistent. The whole process has been simple. The hypnosis was nothing as I expected. It was gentle, easy and relaxing. I am doing more deep breathing, consciously and unconsciously. I am not eating more, which is something I was concerned about. With the positive thoughts suggested, I remain smoke free!” Kath G

“I came to Doris with a severe problem of anxiety while driving my car and in my daily life. I tried every drug known to man with no success. After just one visit/session with Doris my anxiety was completely gone. I can now drive anywhere with no concern of having a panic attack. I would recommend Doris to anyone having any problems. She is amazing!” Keith E

“Doris and the techniques used have helped me focus on my studies. By practicing and using hypnosis, it has also helped me in my daily activities to focus and become more productive. I find myself able to stay on the task at hand and not let my mind wander. Prior to seeing Doris my mind would think about all of the tasks I needed to accomplish but not focus on the most important task. The techniques Doris uses and has taught me to use are valuable and can be applied to everyday life”.
Jim W

“ Doris is one deep and profoundly smart hypnotherapist. I really appreciate her approach. She has a great cosmic, universal awareness of reality, which came in handy for the work we needed to do. whether you are here for something highly specific or rather general, you are in the right place.” Nathan K

“I have enjoyed my sessions with Doris. I definitely feel that I am more balanced, more relaxed and accepting of a multitude of things that I had no control over. These sessions have helped me see things about myself that I was unaware of and I have learned some valuable techniques for the future betterment of myself and of my growth as a human being. Thanks!” Karyn W

“I am grateful for the help from Doris. I am more relaxed at work with dealing with stressful situations. I would recommend her help to anyone!” Ed D

“Not knowing what to expect from hypnosis, I found it to be a way to focus on a speech I had to deliver word for word. It has given me confidence when there used to be doubt. I can see myself using it in everyday situations”. Bob K

“It was the most unbelievable experience I’ve had, not to pick up a cigarette for 6 days, so far, in over 40 years. Doris has been great to work with! I did not know what to expect but she made it so easy to stop smoking. I am very grateful to her. Thank you, Doris.” Dom G

“I was a smoker for over 30 years. The only time I ever had a small amount of success was with hypnosis. These sessions were so much better than the one and done in the past. The reinforcement was much needed and knowing I have the support is so much better! I am happy to say that being a non-smoker will add years to my life and that is what I was looking for…Thank you, Doris”. Marianne C

“Thank you so much for helping me become a non-smoker. I was a smoker for almost 32 years and now I can proudly say I am finally a non-smoker. I can already breathe better! Thank you!”
Kristine H

“I have tried many different ways to stop smoking and because I wasn’t a heavy smoker, I allowed myself to think I wasn’t a smoker. With Doris’ help I have no more excuses. I was a smoker and I am happy…thrilled! to say I am a Non-Smoker. Thank you, Doris. I recommend this treatment 100%! and believe in my heart I will continue to be a Non-Smoker.” Sherri S

“It was something I needed to do for a while. I did not enjoy smoking. I felt tired and unhealthy. I tried lots of ways but with no results. After meeting and speaking with Doris, she helped me with this hypnosis program. She was able to point me in a new direction and for that I thank her. I now go for walks and have so much more energy. I really am happy and I can say,’Not smoking anymore….ever’!” Marie B

“It has been 4 years since I came to you to stop smoking. I am still smoke free! and I have not missed smoking at all since our sessions. It is amazing how easy it was! My physician has given your number to another one of her patients. I hope you hear from him. Thank you so much for what you do!” Barb C

“I am a special education teacher who went to Ms. Robinson over a year ago for help to quit smoking. I had been smoking 2 packs a day for for over 18 years. After only 2 sessions of hypnosis I quit smoking and I remain smoke free.” Rich H

“I wanted to feel healthier and feel alive and live a long healthy life. I am smoke free and feel great!” Marie N

“I am now free of a habit that dragged me down”. Margaret D

“ I now feel relaxed and committed to a smoke free life. It has been 5 years and I remain smoke free”. Margaret K

“I now feel like I have woken up to a new, more healthy life. It’s like I am a child again who never smoked and does not know or care what cigarettes are”. Liz Z

“Hypnosis was a different approach to weight loss for me. I frankly had some misgivings. During the time of my sessions, there was a lot of personal turmoil in my life and I wasn’t using the tools properly at first. With persistence from Doris and myself, I use the techniques and became aware that all of a sudden I was not as hungry. Not tempted to buy that donut with my coffee or the hotdog because it was on sale. I am now losing weight and eating properly and it does not seem to take effort. It just became a habit. I recommend this program to anyone.” Bill S

“Before seeing Doris my eating was out of control. I had a problem with binge eating. After a couple of visits with Doris, I am in control. I can have potato chips and chocolate in my home without touching them. This in itself is huge progress. I am satisfied eating vegetables, for some reason they taste better now. Eating things that are good for me is natural now.” Beth F

“I am happy with what I learned from Doris. I started to change my bad habits and want them to go away by the end of our 8 sessions. I think more about my choices of food and the quantity. I read labels and chew slower. I also found that I have no cravings for sweets like I used to. Someone can eat in front of me and it does not bother me anymore. Thank you”. Nancy S

“I have a new lease on life, I am stronger now. I am not doubting myself. I know my body is healing starting right now”. Trudy M

“Hypnosis changed my life. After 6 sessions with Doris I lost 30 lbs and ended a 15 year smoking habit. Not only has it improved the quality of my life, it also helped me feel better about myself”. Carol H

“Thank you Doris Robinson! I had heard of Doris’ amazing hypnosis skills for years but hesitated to set up an appointment. Boy was I sorry I waited. Doris is fantastic!! I started losing weight immediately. Her program changed my life. In the past I tried every kind of weight loss program…You name it, I tried the program. I might lose a few pounds get frustrated and drop out because I was not making progress. I would lose the same 10 lbs, gain it back, then lose it again, over and over…my weight had stayed the same for about 15 years. I was skeptical when I made my first appointment but thought what the heck might as well try. I am really happy that I did. The relaxation has changed how I handle many situations in my life but none more important than the way I view food. Over the holidays I was able to control my insatiable cookie and chocolate addictions, plus I lost about 4 lbs. It is amazing that in just 4 short months I have lost 22 lbs without feeling deprived AND I have kept it off!!! My doctor had become very concerned about my health and even wanted to try some drastic measures to get things under control. My health has improved to the point my doctor said,’Keep doing what you are doing. Everything is perfect’. I was THRILLED. Seriously, you owe it to yourself to call Doris and get your life back”. Eileen B

“I have been seeing Doris for about 6 weeks now and I am completely satisfied with the results she has helped me obtain. In the six weeks working with Doris, I have shed 27 lbs and am just about 1/2 way to my target weight. Doris is very knowledgeable and has has a very easy and gentle way that she teaches how to re-think the way you feel towards food and living a healthier lifestyle. My outlook regarding what I was eating after my first hypnosis session was dramatic to say the least. I immediately was able to cut sugar, fatty foods and alcohol from my daily eating choices. Most of the time I never crave those items but when I do, Doris has taught me the skills not to give in. I would definitely recommend Doris’ services to anyone”. Bob G