What is Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring nervous system state which allows you to focus and concentrate in order to make the changes needed to accomplish your goals. It is a normal state of consciousness coupled with the experience of deep relaxation where your attention and focus are narrowed to one area in order to make the positive change within yourself.
The change is made through positive suggestions provided during this intensely relaxed state of mind. In hypnosis, you are:
Always in Control – Hypnosis is about empowerment, your empowerment
Always Aware – Hypnosis creates an enhanced state of awareness

Hypnotherapy is the practice of allowing your subconscious mind promote and empower itself to make changes in your life. This is done in a deeply relaxed state sometimes referred to as a trance-like condition with the assistance of a trained hypnotherapist. In this state, the chatter of your conscious mind is diminished so that your subconscious mind becomes the active mind.

Dr. Fred Janke, MD, a huge champion of hypnotherapy defines it: Hypnotherapy is a specialty and a clinical hypnotherapist is one who has been trained in using the art of hypnosis together with therapeutic intervention to bring about improvement or healing in a variety of clinical conditions and negative behaviors such as fears, phobias anxieties and addictions. This is much more complex than simple deep relaxation and requires training in a variety of therapeutic protocols.

During a hypnotherapy session, suggestions are made that allow your subconscious mind to reprogram the patterns or behaviors without the mental chatter of the conscious mind. This state allows the body as well to slow down, breathing becomes deeper, and the nerve pathways begin to relax.

In this altered state of consciousness, the subconscious mind is the active mind. Long held fears, negative behaviors, and patterns within the subconscious mind can be released and positive thoughts and belief patterns set in place. It is important to understand that while in this state, you remain in control of what is being suggested. By seeking out hypnotherapy as a way to transform your subconscious mind, you conscious mind is telling your subconscious mind you are ready and willing to change. Hypnosis sessions allow the active communication to happen.The deep relaxation techniques are physically beneficial to the body as well as the mind; especially in any situation that is exacerbated by tension and stress.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help you achieve any or all of your goals. Here is a list of some issues helped by hypnosis:

Smoking Cessation Weight Release & Management Anxiety & Panic Release Pain Management, Acute & Chronic Public Speaking Stress Management Insomnia & Sleeping Difficulties Study Skills & Test Anxiety Pre-op Anxiety Post op Pain Management & Recovery Self-confidence Self Esteem Improved Sales Teeth Grinding Motivation Hair pulling
Nail Biting Concentration Finding Lost Objects School Performance Hypnotic Childbirth Chronic Fatigue Fibromyalgia IBS Symptoms Sports Performance Fears released, e.g. Flying, Spiders Process Grief Anger Management
And Many, Many more…

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