Want Simple Ideas For Building Self Esteem

Want Simple Ideas For Building Self Esteem?

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Building self esteem. This is a mental skill that confirms and supports you are a success. Especially for those who’ve been brought up in a less than supportive childhood, building self esteem can be a key to life success. But, how do you feel good about yourself just for being alive if you grew up in a non-supportive environment? Training. Counseling. Patience. Perseverance. Hypnotherapy.  All these things can help you in your personal development.

Building Self Esteem Empowers You

What’s one thing you can do to build your self esteem?  Here is one simple idea that can actually change your life. However, you might need a hypno-coach to help you achieve it. Remember, even large corporations hire trainers, consultants and coaches to train employees so they can achieve goals. If corporations do it, how about you learning from their success?  Hire a coach!

Here’s the simple idea that can help build your self esteem. Ready for the idea?

Doubt the doubt.

Think about this. Building self esteem is necessary because the thoughts you’ve conditioned yourself to think are largely based on ideas that suggest you doubt your personal value, competency or self worth when performing some task.

When you have a self-image where you feel uncertain about whether or not you deserve to generally “be”, you have a low self esteem. Thought patterns that support a low self esteem are doubt thoughts. So, you can train your mind to doubt the negative, hopeless way you think about your personal value by doubting the truthfulness of the doubt idea.

When you think any particular way, you are conditioning or training your mind to perceive life from a certain perspective. This causes you to feel threatened and insignificant. Hypnotherapy provides training for you to change the negative way you see yourself in life to an empowering way. One technique that works well is doubting the doubts.

Example: You think you are not good enough to ask your boss for a raise at work. The mind image you refer to will be subconsciously suggesting that your boss will NOT give you a raise. The minute you hear a thought that is negative like this, pretend you are hearing somebody else talking about you. Doubt their opinion that only works against you.  Simply say in your mind, “I doubt what I hear is something true for me.” Say it repeatedly and replace the image with a mind picture where you successfully achieved a goal in the past.

Even something as simple as combing your hair in a way you consider flatters you is a success story for you. So, replace the negative image where you imagine doubt about getting a raise with the one where you see yourself successfully combing your hair. Then say, “I successfully comb my hair. If I successfully comb my hair, I am a success. Therefore, I doubt the truthfulness of thought that suggests I have no chance my boss will give me a raise. I release that untrue thought and think about my successes.”  See how this works?

Your mind is a powerful manifestor! If you want a coach to help you improve building self esteem, contact me today!

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