Three Ways To Lose Weight Calmly, Naturally and Safely

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Are you looking for simple ways to lose weight? Weighing the amount you want to weigh all begins with mindset. The thoughts you think cause you to behave physically in any certain way. Your brain and mind are like a computer (brain) and a series of software programs (from the mind.) Beliefs are tied to your emotions. Whatever ideas you believe as true for you will have an emotional aspect to them.

When you believe something frightening, worrisome, anger-triggering or other strong emotions, it can cause you to gain weight. Not only can strong negative emotions cause you to create an imbalanced brain chemistry, it can cause you to behave illogically.

Excess fat can be the result of feeling something you do not what to feel. For example, when you were a child and things didn’t go the way you wanted them to go, you interpreted those situations. If you interpreted them to mean that you were unlovable, FEELING unlovable is a horrible way to feel. People like to feel pleasant rather than unpleasant feelings.

If you learned as a child to “stuff” your feelings with food and didn’t UNLEARN this self-limiting or self-sabotaging habit, you may struggle as an adult when it comes to nutritionally nourishing yourself. You may think you are unworthy to be healthy. When you look to add ways to lose weight, if you have a self-limiting belief like you are unworthy to be healthy, you will sabotage your conscious efforts to BE healthy. Thus, you eat foods that do not sustain life – they complicate your life.

Ways To Lose Weight Begins By Removing Self-Sabotaging Beliefs

When you believe you are worthy to BE (exist) you feel calm about living your life. Conversely, if you believe you are UNWORTHY to be, you feel anxious, afraid and worried about just being you. Unfortunately, if you were raised in a home with alcoholic and/or compulsive, addictive family members, you might have learned to believe you are unworthy to be successful in life. This mindset can subconsciously and negatively influence your plan to be healthy.

If you want to experience successful ways to lose weight, it begins my developing a healthy mindset. That means, being consciously aware of your self-limiting beliefs. The way you become aware of hidden subconscious beliefs invisibly sabotaging your health, is to visit a trained hypnotist. A hypnotist helps you bring to conscious awareness what you are thinking that causes you to illogically turn to food to feel safe, protected, loved or other illogical ways of seeing life.

So, the next time you feel unhappy and notice you are illogically turning to food, as if food will make the unpleasantness go away from you, that is a signal that a hypnotist can help you change your beliefs. Remember, if you want a healthy body, it begins and ends when you live by healthy beliefs. Are you ready to be the healthy you now? If so, contact a hypnotist today! You might just be saving your life!

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