Looking for Easy, Simple, Proven-Effective Procrastination Solutions?

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Procrastination solutions … they keep us moving forward.  What can be at the root cause of delaying being a life success?  Fear.  Once you are aware of and work with your fears, you can move forward.

First Time Event Procrastination Solutions

Achievement psychology studies confirm that when a person feels encouraged while performing life events, procrastination habits rarely form. In other words, when you feel supported and acknowledged as competent/valued when doing things in life, you rarely develop the procrastination habit. This means that if your parents encourage you to keep getting up after you fall down while learning how to walk, you will feel encouraged to push through the learning curve of doing new things.

Additionally, when you generally feel loved for who you are from those important to you, procrastination may never enter your mind. So, love yourself and respect yourself for who you are.  Talk about yourself in respectful ways.  This can be one of many powerful procrastination solutions.

When we fear those important to us will not acknowledge us as lovable or valued just because we are in somebody else’s life, we procrastinate engaging in life.  Engaging in life is important to feel like you belong here.  So, keep showing up!

Proven-Effective Procrastination Solutions

A hypnotist helps people see situations from an empowered viewpoint.  It is by learning how to observe a situation without negatively reacting to it that you feel encouraged to try new things.  As an observer instead of a fearful reactor to situations, you validate yourself from within instead of rely on trying to feel validated by believing the opinions of those outside of you. So, procrastination solutions that work well for people can include the following:

  1. Define your own value. When you acknowledge, love and accept yourself as priceless and wonderful just because you exist, you feel confident trying new things. Validating yourself from within, you see no value in regularly trying to get those external to you to validate you as a person.  You see that only YOUR opinion of yourself is what matters.
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror and speak in a supportive way each day in the morning and the evening. Refer to actions you can’t do and admit you can’t do them without caring about it.  Then, recall the things you CAN do and validate your value from within.  For example, stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in your eyes and say, “I am unable to be a tree.  So, what? I CAN drive a car safely.  There are plenty of reasons for me to like me for who I am.”
  3. Consistently be present in this moment saying uplifting, encouraging, genuinely loving and respectful things about yourself and others. Go to the mirror and say things like, “I like me for who I am.  I acknowledge that I might never be an astronaut.  But that is no reason for me to tell myself I am less valuable because I will never be an astronaut.  I am valuable because human life is priceless. Therefore, I am priceless as a human.”

If you need help overcoming procrastination, try out these three ideas above.  It’s a beginning and simple for anyone to do to eliminate procrastination habits based in opinionated and unsubstantiated viewpoints of others.

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