Fibromyalgia Pain Control and Relief in Your Mind, Not A Pill

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Everybody behavior starts because of a thought. When you think pain control thoughts you get relief.  Thinking the right types of thoughts results in you feeling relief.

Here is a technique to help you get pain relief first in your mind, then in your body WITHOUT needing a pill. If you practice this skill every day, you can develop the habit of FEELING happier.  People who do things to intentionally feel happy are focusing their present moment on something other than feeling pain.  So, here is one simple natural pain control technique you can start using after you finish reading this blog post.

Pain Control Begins With Your Thoughts

Using your mind, you think.  You use your brain to interpret your thoughts. Understanding this simple idea, imagine thinking about your tense body.  The mind is very creative. If you are seeking simple pain control, your mind will help you find a way to feel better.

Close your eyes for a moment and focus on what is happening ONLY in this present moment. Look for and FEEL how only ONE body part is currently feeling very tense. In this exercise you are acting like a detective.  You are simply collecting some details about the pain your body is temporarily experiencing.

Next, as you focus on this tense feeling, understand that you are focusing on what you DON’T want – tension in a body part. Pretend that the tense body part is like a person with whom you can talk.  Have a conversation in your mind with that tense body part asking for a measurement from 1 – 10 of the intensity of its tension.

After the body part reveals its intensity number, (let’s pretend it is number 8), work with that specific number. Ask the body part, “Would you like a comforting friend right now to successfully get you through this situation?  If so, 8, would you be interested in befriending 7?” Wait for 8’s approval to befriend 7.  Then use your imagination in a way that favors you. Imagine the number 8 moving closer to number 7 like 8 is hugging 7.

Imagine that when the numbers hug, that body part feels calmer and more relaxed. Repeat this process until you can actually feel physical relief from the tension. Complete this exercise by continuing this process until you get down to number 1.  Notice how you are experiencing natural pain control and relief. Speak gratefully ONLY for the improvement in the exercise.  Express gratitude for feeling better.

Pain Control Technique Summary

  1. Think about what you DON’T want – (tension in a body part)
  2. Talk in a caring way to that ONE body part that feels physically tense.
  3. Ask that body part to tell you on a scale from 1 to 10 a measurement of its tension intensity. Tell that body part that the number 1 represents the body part being the least tense and the number 10 represents the most tense feeling in a part.
  4. In your mind, start the conversation with the first number that comes up. Calm the tense body part by asking the number if it wants to befriend a lower number. Tell it that with the lower number comes a feeling of relaxed confidence that things are better.  The more you reduce the numbers in this “number befriending activity,” the more easily you allow your muscles to feel less tense.
  5. Express gratitude for ONLY the parts that feel calmer. Using this hypnotic thinking strategy technique, you see that you can get pain control using the power of your own mind!

Repeat and use this technique as often as you need it to feel less tension in your body.  It is a simple way to get pain control instead of taking a pill.

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