Interested In Overcoming Your Fear Of Public Speaking?

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What is a social fad? Believe it or not, people who experience the fear of public speaking have developed a habit of following a social fad. A social fad is a habit. When we change our thoughts, we can change our habits.

Simple Strategy for Reducing Mental Fear Of Public Speaking

Imagine standing in front of an audience and sharing ideas that can change lives. When you share your ideas, you may be contributing to improving life for audience members as you share your words. Does being given credit for doing that sound appealing to you?  If so, approach the public sharing of ideas with this attitude.

What you have to say actually may be considered as secrets to happier life.  Would you like someone to say something to you so that you feel happier?  Of course, you would!

The truth is that there are some people who only feel happiest when they can convince others an individual’s ideas are inferior to socially promoted mass group beliefs. One such idea is the belief that having the most physical things is how you gain true happiness. However, social “proof” that having a lot of things does not lead to genuine happiness. It only leads to having to spend more money to maintain or replace worn out “things.”

Feeling good about who you are doesn’t wear out.  Your self-defined attitude that there is nothing wrong about you the way you are never goes out of style.

Close your eyes for a moment.  Imagine standing before an audience. The audience members are made up of people who feel like frightened children looking for a way to feel confident about being themselves.  This group within the entire group have been abused, disrespected, mentally and emotionally dismissed as unimportant to this world. What you have to say could help them feel happier about being themselves.  There is no telling what you might say that could change their lives.

The remaining audience members are people who were treated lovingly and fairly as children. There are a mix of people listening to what you have to say. You never know WHO’S life you might change as you share your ideas that are new to them.

Imagine that by saying just ONE thing to an audience your words help them reduce their own feelings of anxiety, worry, loneliness or high stress. Everyone these days is looking to feel truly happy.  The words you share might be exactly what they need to hear in that moment. There is no way you can know who in the audience NEEDS to hear what you have to say so they can feel better by solving a certain problem.

The fear of public speaking comes as the result of using unnatural fear to discourage you from feeling confident being yourself. Think about yourself as the speaker.  Are you feeling unnatural fear about sharing your ideas?  If so, a hypnotist can help you feel confident and comfortable about sharing your ideas before a group.

By changing the way you define what is happening as you publicly share your ideas, you can eliminate or greatly reduce your fear of public speaking.  There’s no time like the present to see that sharing your ideas can be a wonderful opportunity to help make this world a happier place.

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