Struggling With Anxiety Procrastination?

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What is anxiety procrastination? Does procrastination always have to do with just being lazy or something else? Is there a deeper meaning behind anxiety and procrastination? Let’s talk about three main types of anxiety-related procrastination.

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Fear of failure
  3. Fear of success

Anxiety Procrastination is a Mind State

Can you identify yourself as experiencing any of the three listed anxiety related mind states? Notice I said mind states?  Did you know that procrastination begins by thinking specific self-limiting thoughts you create in your mind?

Almost anytime we experience a strong emotion, we are also hypnotizing ourselves. If you’ve ever felt afraid for reasons beyond logic regarding your performance, you may have developed the habit of feeling anxious when you perform a task.

Can you acknowledge that you have experienced any of the listed mind states above?  If so, you may have negatively hypnotized yourself into procrastinating. Being lazy is only one possible reason you procrastinate. Your mental thoughts about putting things off to later actually relates to many more things going on.

For example, if you do not feel appreciated and respected as you do the best you can when doing a task, you may procrastinate doing it in the future.  As a child, did a parent or other loved one you esteem above you repeatedly criticize or falsely judge your performance as unacceptable?  Routinely hearing that the WAY you did a task wasn’t good enough can cause you to believe you are not perfect enough as you are. This can lead to you growing up trying to “fix” what doesn’t really need fixing.

Routinely hearing that “you can do better” or that you didn’t do a good enough job can cause unnatural fear and anxiety leading to the fear of failing.  The fear of failing commonly is fearing being unable to successfully complete a task correctly the first time you do it. Here’s something to consider…

Making mistakes is an inevitable part of learning how to master any skill. Actually, making mistakes can be a very useful tool so your muscles can remember how movements feel completing a task in a useful way.

Think about people who golf. Even professional golfers do not always get the score they prefer.  These are people who have a LOT of practice under their belts when it comes to playing golf. Mistakes are necessary when playing golf to learn how to develop muscle memory and mental conditioning to master this game.

Understand that EVERYONE, even your parents, make mistakes. This idea may help you feel better and less anxious when it comes to releasing anxiety procrastination thoughts.

When you make a mistake, there is no need to feel the fear of success or the fear of failure or develop perfectionism.  But if you have developed these habits, luckily, you can unlearn these ideas.  A professional hypnotist knows how to coach you on how to do it.

Want to stop putting things off and suffering from anxiety procrastination?  You can do it with help. Have questions about how to release this way of thinking?  Just contact me and we’ll get started with your training.

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