How to Build Self-Confidence

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What really matters to you?  Let’s suppose it is being known as a highly sought-after, respected, beloved public speaker who people trust and listen to. Wonder how to build self confidence for public speaking? You do it by ACTUALLY getting up in front of an audience and playing the role in your mind of NATURALLY BEING a self-confident speaker. That’s right. You build confidence by FIRST repeatedly playing a role in your mind of already being a success.  Then, you physically act out that imagined role. You must FEEL like a success to BE a success.

In other words, you alone are responsible for becoming who you want to become. A hypnotist is a specialist in helping you imagine and mentally rehears that you are a natural born success no matter what you do in life. When you ONLY focus on feeling like a success, this is a key regarding how to build self confidence.

Doing “It” is How To Build Self Confidence

Do you remember the first time you ever kissed someone right on the lips? If you imagined in your mind that you were “unworthy” to be lovable, kissing seemed wrong.  It might have even seemed frightening to do. However, when you just accept yourself as lovable, kissing as a show of innocent affection feels acceptable to you, right? Of course! And so, you kiss!

It was by DOING that kissing ACTION AND believing you could act affectionate by kissing that you learned to feel comfortable kissing. You didn’t try to analyze it as a quality control activity. You didn’t DECIDE whether or not you should act affectionate.  You just kissed!

It takes a confident person to kiss someone else or let yourself be kissed. You are worthy of being treated lovingly and respectfully. If you don’t believe that idea, seeing a hypnotherapist can help dissolve those self-limiting thoughts. Let’s talk about another common life scenario where self-confidence results in wonderful experiences.

In life, we all perform activities.  We can perform confidently or insecurely. For either outcome, you first play a role in your mind.

How do you do it? If you act nervous as a public speaker, you first do it by imagining no one will like what you have to say or that you’ll bore your audience or look like an idiot about your topic. This will physically appear in your body and you will script out and play the role of a nervous actor.

For one who confidently speaks publicly, you do it by first IMAGINING and then physically PERFORMING as a self-confident public speaker.  You imagine yourself as loved, respected, smart and FEEL those ways.  See, it’s a ROLE you first play in your mind and then you physically act out the scene you see in your mind. It is the same for any action you perform.

We all play roles out in our minds. If you feel fearful when performing human activities, it is because you mentally TRAINED yourself to SENSE IN or BELIEVE IN to your mind fear for doing any skill.  Luckily, you can retrain your mind so you naturally once again feel how to be confident in what you do. A professional hypnotist helps you mentally rehearse a scene in a way that the OUTCOME is one preferred by you.

Why is it so important to learn how to mentally rehearse a preferred outcome of any life activity? Because all achievements begin first with a THOUGHT. When you THINK like a nervous beginner who will fail, you FEEL like a failure.  That is LEARNED behavior.  Conversely, when you THINK like a confident person, you FEEL like a success.

When you feel anxious about your physical performance, the ROLE YOU PLAY OUT IN YOUR MIND is of a low confidence nature. The opposite of fear is love.  When you love and respect yourself FIRST in all you do, you ACT with these same types of emotions to drive you physically.

Fearfulness, like virtually all emotions are STRONG emotional feelings.  Almost ALL strong emotions are also hypnotic mind states. Suggest you must act and feel against yourself and that’s what happens.  Conversely, suggest success is easy, effortless and natural for you and THAT is your destiny.

Is it no wonder that professional hypnotists help their clients learn success skill performance keys when learning how to build self confidence. Your success is IMAGINATION based. A hypnotist helps you IMAGINE being a natural success. Now do you see that building your self esteem and self confidence is easy with the help of a hypnotist?