Tips on Naturally Overcoming Procrastination

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What makes people delay doing something? Often, reasons that delay overcoming procrastination can be rooted in living in an unhappy childhood. Our parents do the best they can do at parenting. However, the role of being a parent is all on-the-job training. Many mistakes are made that alienate child-parent relationships. Those memories of feeling unwanted by our parents can develop into procrastinating for fear of doing a task in a way that disappoints parents, even in memory.

Luckily, the unhappy memories that form a person’s mindset can be transformed by working with a trained hypnotherapist. A hypnotherapist helps you by suggesting other ways to see a situation from the past. The result? Instead of being mentally stuck in the past memory of feeling unwanted or fearful about being, you see things differently.  Seeing life from a confident perception helps you feel happier in life.

A professional hypnotist suggests ways to feel empowered instead of stuck. Feeling like you belong encourages you to take calculated risks while performing tasks in life.  This can be a confident foundation for living.

Tips to Successfully Overcoming Procrastination

There are two simple tips to developing the skill of overcoming procrastination. The first step begins by recognizing that procrastinating is causing unhappiness in your adult life. Once you are aware you want to change this habit, (and procrastination is mainly habit but might also indicate a brain chemistry imbalance,) then you can start to implement change.

Tip #1 – Be Aware

Notice when you FEEL like procrastinating. Our feelings drive us to hesitate or move forward in life. The hormone that helps both men and women achieve goals is testosterone.

Men naturally need a much higher amount of this hormone than do women. Scientific research shows that a sufficient amount of testosterone helps men effectively manage their stress. So, if you are a man and often procrastinate, it could simply be that you are unaware of the nature of testosterone.

In men, testosterone naturally guides you to conserve your energy to achieve goals. Learning more about how your testosterone can cause you to unnaturally procrastinate can help you enjoy life more. But, for both men and women, there can be other reasons overcoming procrastination seems like a daunting and impossible achievement.

FEELING openly criticized, judged and disrespected for any reason can cause you to develop an unhealthy procrastination habit.  If as a child when you did your best to live up to your parent’s expectations (whatever they were) you felt like you had disappointed them, you may have developed a fear of performing in your life. This basic belief can result in developing the procrastination habit.

All children want to feel wanted. When you grow up feeling like you are a disappointment instead of a blessing, you can develop the habit of procrastination. So, being aware of your feelings can help you as you work to overcome procrastination.

Tip #2 – Be committed to developing your personal skills to being truly happy. The one constant in our lives is change. Nothing stays the same forever. Think of your body and its ability to repair itself.

Your body has between 50 and 75 trillion cells each having its own life span. Cells that die naturally replace themselves to sustain your life. That means your body is naturally committed to being well. Allow yourself to follow this nature to move forward and enjoy life. Contact a hypnotist today to provide effective training for overcoming procrastination