Want A Simple Process For Developing A Positive Self Image?

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When you consent to accepting a certain belief, you live your life by that belief. Repeatedly think a series of related thoughts to that belief and you’ve set up a belief system. When it comes to self-image, you can create beliefs that favor you or work against you. This blog post shares a simple process for developing a positive self image.

Self Image Comes From Within Your Own Mind

Take out a piece of paper and get a pencil. Even if you can only draw stick figures, consider completing this simple exercise that helps you understand your own self image.

Turn the paper in a landscape rather than a portrait view. After doing this, use your pencil and draw a line down the middle. This gives you two sides to the page.

You’ve heard that old saying that there are at least two sides to every story? When it comes to developing a positive self image, this concept applies. So, I’d like you to draw two stories about your self image.

On the first side of the paper, draw a positive self image of you.  Even if the positive self image version of you is merely a happy face, just draw that.

Okay, great.  You have now completed this first step in the simple process for developing a positive self image.  Now draw a picture on the other side of the paper that represents a negative self image of you. Make it simple.  It can simply be a face with a frown on it.

Now, as you look at the two images, understand that these two images came from your own mind. These images about your self image are stories. You are the author of your life stories by using your thoughts.

I believe we live a series of related and sometimes unrelated stories. Each thought we think and each belief we believe comes from our own mind. So, if what I’m saying it true, you can change each story you live by changing your thoughts.

Look again at the two images.  First look at the side that represents a positive self image. Let it represent when you thought highly of yourself and something you did.

For example, suppose sometime in the past, you faced some type of fear. This is a memory I’d like you to bring up into this present moment and enjoy.  Suppose in the memory, you got involved in a situation where you chose to do something to stand up to your fear.  As a result, you felt confident instead of afraid.  Basically, you simply felt better about yourself facing your fear instead of letting it control you.

Keep focusing on that feeling of how you LOVED feeling supportive for yourself. Focus strongly and breathe 10 belly breathes as you focus on feeling self-respect for facing your fear. Allow yourself to LOVE feeling respected for who you are.

After you’ve enjoyed feeling good about doing this exercise, give yourself permission to do it every day to feel good. As you are feeling good about you, then look at the frowny face side that represents a negative self image. Notice how you feel looking at that frowny face.  If you feel sad, just switch back to the smiley face and its associated good feeling toward you.

Keep switching back and forth until you calmly and confidently prefer looking at the smiley face positive self image. Then, each day for the next 30 days, take out this paper and simply choose to look at and FEEL good about you.  This is a simple process for developing a positive self image.

If you start to cry, it might indicate you need a hypnotherapist to guide you through something unresolved about the situation. Know that I am always here to help you develop a positive self image!

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