Severe Anxiety Symptoms Block You From Acing An Exam?

Severe Anxiety Symptoms Block You From Acing An Exam?

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People who experience severe anxiety symptoms when faced with beginning and completing an exam, do so first PERCEIVING something unpleasant will result by taking the test. You can change this experience and feel confident while taking a test.

Severe Anxiety Symptoms About Exams Dismantled One Baby Step at a Time

Before you take an exam, you study the material. If you do not understand the material, or do not like studying the material, it can create anxiety. You know eventually you’ll be tested on the material and that can create severe anxiety symptoms.

If you don’t understand the material, but WANT to understand it, you can feel anxious. That anxiety may come from believing falsehoods you perceive are true about you. Believing you are not smart enough or not good enough to understand the material creates severe anxiety symptoms because you don’t want the belief to be true for you.

Whenever you believe any falsehood about you, question the truthfulness of it. When you question a belief as to its validity, and change the way you perceive the belief, you can train your mind to eliminate the falsehood.

If you feel anxious, you have already created a hypnotic mindset. Almost anytime we express a strong emotion/feeling, we’ve also created a hypnotic mindset. After we hypnotize ourselves, we think thoughts. Those thoughts are then, in the mindset of being hypnotized, hypnotic suggestions. If the suggestions give you hope, that’s a good suggestion. However, if they generate hopelessness, that’s a self-limiting suggestion.

So, in this first example, if you don’t understand the material, but WANT to understand it and are feeling anxious, stop and focus on the anxious feeling. Question the truthfulness of what’s causing you to FEEL anxious. If you FEEL anxious, you also most-likely believe a self-limiting thought driving that anxiety feeling.

A self-limiting thought might be, “I’m undeserving of being capable of understanding this material. I might as well just accept that.” This thought is a falsehood. You ARE capable and deserving of understanding the material.

If you temporarily do not understand something, ask questions from others who DO understand the material. The truth is, no one can understand every idea in the world. By isolating yourself and imagining you MUST understand something you just don’t understand is a self-sabotaging and self-limiting way to think. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Let that be okay with you!

There is no need to isolate yourself and tell yourself you are undeserving of being a success. Permit yourself to be a success. YOU are the boss of you.

Whatever self-limiting ideas you might have learned in the past can be UNLEARNED with the help of a professional hypnotist. A hypnotist understands how the mind works when it comes to changing perceptions to feel and behave in an empowered way.

So, if you need help resolving your severe anxiety symptoms about taking a test or exam contact a well-trained hypnotist. Working with a trained professional hypnotist will empower your mind to feel confident when taking exams.

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