Coping With Stress is Easier with Hypnosis

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What exactly is mental stress? Basically, mental stress is first a perception in the mind of someone perceiving he or she is being denied something wanted. For example, suppose you are at a store during a sale. There is only one unique widget (the word widget represents any product) left of the exact brand and design you want. You reach to grab your desired widget at the same time another person clutches onto it. There the both of you stand both wanting the same thing knowing only one of you can buy it.  For some, THAT defines stress. Coping with stress of NOT getting your specific widget is needed so you can move on.


Coping With Stress Happens First In The Mind


Mental stress affects a person’s behavior. If you perceive something is stressful to you, it shows up in your physical body. Think about the shopping example. Two people want the same widget both knowing only one can buy it. One person may be perceiving, “I want to buy this for my dying loved one.  It’s her last wish to have it.” The other person may be perceiving, “I got here first.  I should get to buy it because I was here first! It’s only fair!” Both people are perceiving and justifying why that person should get to buy the widget. Their shoulders and necks tense up. That tension is an example of mental stress showing up in a physical version.


However, justifying why each person should get to buy the widget is not coping with stress. It is a silent argument perceived to justify the reason why that person should “win” the argument. All is silently and invisibly going on in the minds of the people involved. They are each creating their own version in a mental story form about how they both may not get their way in this one situation.


Did you know that almost anytime we create a strong emotion, we also create a hypnotic mind state? After we hypnotize ourselves, we then start making statements or internally dialoging to ourselves. The things we say are hypnotic suggestions. The negative things we say create MORE stress. However, the positive things we say help us when coping with stress.


All hypnosis is said to be self-hypnosis. When we express a strong emotion and then internally dialog, we are using our nervous system phenomenon called hypnosis to memorize or add to our memory. If we didn’t have the ability to think for ourselves and thereby hypnotize and suggest ideas to ourselves, we would be unable to be self-reliant.


A professional hypnotist knows how to show clients natural and simple ways to program the mind. When you focus on feeling denied or inconvenienced, you are also mentally stuck. Those who feel mentally stuck are not coping with stress.  They are instead mentally stuck in stress. Feeling denied or inconvenienced is also called focusing on impossibilities. By focusing on what’s possible, you are also using your mind and brain to effectively cope with stress. A hypnotist helps you learn these beneficial thinking strategies to reduce stress.

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