How Good Public Speakers Look Calm and Confident

How Good Public Speakers Look Calm and Confident

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You’re about to do a presentation before 10,000 people in a stadium. No matter the size of an audience, good public speakers know how to look calm and confident by using strategies. If you’d like to know some effective calm, confident public speaking strategies for your public presentation, you’ve come to the right place!

Good Public Speakers Share, Engage The Audience

When you are about to stand before an audience, consider using your imagination and something called the mannequin strategy. Here’s how this works…

Before even physically going to the presentation location, in your mind, see the audience as a group of mannequins. Remember, you are only playing “make believe” before you go. That means, sit down or lay down in a comfortable position in your home. Use your mind to mentally rehearse giving your presentation before your mannequin audience. Doing this exercise helps you see yourself before a group of non-judgmental, non-criticizing, non-people!

Commonly, before good public speakers do a presentation, they feel a certain excitement. When they think they’re doing something exciting (instead of a self-limiting and negative “nerve-racking” image,) they look forward to doing the activity. So, because a mannequin is not a human at all, just mentally rehearse in your mind that the audience is filled row by row with mannequins.

Too often, if a public presenter imagines an audience filled with people who will judge the speaker as boring, stupid, just a nuisance, that scares the person doing the presentation.

We all like to be publicly liked. But, we fear being criticized. Eliminate any fear of being publicly criticized for your performance by first doing this mental rehearsal of talking to mannequins. Your conscious mind knows mannequins are nothing more than plastic and metal non-people. They CAN’T criticize you.

Also, remember, YOU are the subject matter authority during the public presentation. The people who are coming to your presentation are there to LISTEN to your information that helps them solve a problem. You are a resource for them. As long as you are not trying to overtly sell the audience something, just tell them a good story that contains helpful information.

Another strategy to include is to ask questions. Ask your audience members to tell YOU their input to the subject matter. Include asking questions about their current experience (as appropriate) regarding the topic. When you get the audience to do the speaking, the time zooms by!

You can also (if appropriate) start out your presentation by breaking the audience into mini groups. Instruct them on doing an exercise that makes their current challenge improved. Assign them to work using the exercise for a certain time limit. Then, after the time limit ends, ask the groups to share their discoveries with the entire audience.

Good public speakers engage constantly with their audience members. Do this, too, and you will join the ranks of successful public speakers. If you can’t do things this way, see a hypnotist who can coach you on how to use your imagination. Once you develop your powers of creative imagination, you can apply these skills to every area of your life. There is a lot you can do all including using the power of your own mind!

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