Why Quit Smoking Using Hypnosis?

Why Quit Smoking Using Hypnosis?

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Why Quit Smoking Using Hypnosis?

Today’s smoker doesn’t want to quit smoking; instead, almost everyone in the smokers’ personal circle wants the person smoking to quit.Why quit smoking if it is something that satisfies and calms you? The quitting concept just doesn’t compute because smoking serves a purpose for you. Or does it?

In days gone by, the tobacco industry advertised smoking as enjoyable, relaxing, and satisfying. Popular television shows often had tobacco industry sponsors. Billboards on every corner glamourized smoking from every conceivable angle. It was a successful advertising campaign that had smokers loving the flavor of cigarettes and fighting rather than switching brands.

Real science reveals to you the insidious effect cigarettes have on the respiratory system. The smoke inhaled contains hundreds of chemicals, including cyanide, that contribute to many health-related illnesses.We now know exposure to second hand smoke puts others at risk for developing respiratory problems. When you protect your own health by NOT smoking you are also protecting the health of loved ones around you. Feels good, doesn’t it?

We Learn What We Live

Researchers have long known that children learn what they live. Early childhood experiences and perceptions contribute to our beliefs and fears. Can you see what I am getting at? As a result of childhood experiences with smoking we develop false beliefs such as cigarette smoking is calming, relaxing, and stress relieving. True that initially some chemicals do relax you but it does so at the risk of hurting you… for some, even killing them.

Put in a different way, we know the dangers of cigarette smoking and its relation to many illnesses. We know the chemicals in cigarette smoke do nothing to calm, satisfy, or relieve stress in a healthy way. Why quit smoking using hypnosis? BECAUSE HYPNOSIS CHANGES FALSE BELIEFS INTO HEALTHY BELIEFS.

False beliefs live in the subconscious mind and hypnosis is the key to accessing the subconscious mind. This is where you change false beliefs into feel good healthy beliefs.

Do loved ones avoid contact with you because you smoke or smell like smoke? Have the negative effects of smoking affected your health? Is reclaiming your health a priority?

Improve Your Health Naturally

Hypnosis is a perfectly normal and natural wellness tool we use everyday without even noticing. You use self-hypnosis whenfalling asleep or when you need to focus or concentrate on a problem. Have you ever had to slow down and regain focus? Stopping, closing your eyes, relaxing tense muscles, and counting to ten clears your mind. That’s self-hypnosis.

Use the power of your mind to get calm and relax or to relieve stress. Then ask yourself, “Isn’t using my own thoughts and thinking differently healthier than putting my health at risk by smoking?” Or, focus on the money you save by not smoking. Visit us at https://suburbanphillyhypnosis.com for more information about how to quit smoking naturally. We’re here to answer your questions about natural wellness. We want to help you reclaim your health.

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