The IBS Care Solution Your Doctor Forgets to Mention

The IBS Care Solution Your Doctor Forgets to Mention

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The IBS Care Solution Your Doctor Forgets to Mention

A Proactive Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferer Gets Needed Care

Fuscia, 75, has been frustrated by ineffective care and management of her IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) condition. Affecting a larger percentage of females than males, Fuscia has been seeing a gastroenterologist for IBS care for ten years with little improvement. While reviewing her insurance policy she discovered it covered complementary alternative medicine, specifically, hypnosis.

At her next doctor visit she confirmed that her condition was not associated with any other medical condition. She then requested a referral for hypnosis and got it. Her parents were activists in the counter-culture movement of the early 1960’s. Those familiar with this movement know it bucked the status quo of accepted societal norms. Alternative medicine rose in popularity during this time. So, using some alternative medicine approach for IBS care seemed natural.

Within three months of beginning hypnosis sessions for IBS care and management, she noticed a marked improvement in her symptoms. Less abdominal discomfort, less bloating, less diarrhea, and significantly less emotional stress. Stress can worsen the condition and symptoms. Stress due to loss of bowel control and the humiliation associated with public bowel “accidents” keeps many sufferers home.

After six months of hypnosis and with the cooperation of her gastroenterologist, Fuscia was able to lower the dosage and frequency of IBS medication she had been taking for years. The quality of her life had increased significantly as has her social life. What she asked herself most was “How could her doctor have forgotten to mention hypnosis for her condition?”

Traditional Medicine versus Alternative Medicine for IBS Care

There was a time when traditional medicine and alternative, sometimes called Integrative, medicine was practiced separately. Traditional medicine today accepts the complementary role of alternative medicine. Together the two offer patients a better chance for optimal health; treating not just the body but the mind and spirit as well. Hypnosis helps you discover the power of your mind naturally.

What causes IBS is not known. It is not considered a disease but it does cause symptoms that are very real and disturbing to sufferers. Where traditional medical treatments have failed, overwhelming success using hypnosis backed by scientific research, now offers hope to the chronic IBS sufferer.

Existing research is dated but promising. The NIH (National Institute of Health) and the American Journal of Gastroenterology (review of psychological therapies) support the use of hypnosis. Care and management of IBS using hypnosis, especially when traditional medical care is ineffective, can be a viable option.

What You Can Expect from Hypnosis Sessions

Fuscia’s story happens countless times every day. An estimated 15-20% of the Western population suffer from IBS, most of them women. At Suburban Philly Hypnosis we understand the difficulties IBS sufferers face each day. I have taught many clients to harness the power of their subconscious mind. It is a process that empowers people to take charge of their health and their lives.

Before your actual hypnosis session, we address any and all questions you might have regarding hypnosis. We give the facts and dispel the myths. You are always in control of the process. During a session, you are not asleep, and you cannot be made to do anything you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Hypnosis is simply a deep and relaxed state which allows for better focus and concentration.

Teaching you self-hypnosis techniques and the use of guided imagery helps you to focus on the symptoms you wish to reduce or eliminate. Hypnosis complements, or works in unison with, the medical treatment you are receiving. One added advantage of hypnosis is the benefits are long term, lasting for years.

At Suburban Philly Hypnosis we work with your primary care physician and encourage you to do the same. Like Fuscia, taking a proactive approach to regaining your health will yield positive results. You can visit our website at for more information.


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