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Weight Loss Methods Can Include Hypnosis

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Is your greatest fantasy being just a little bit smaller in physical size?  For women who want to flush out excess pounds, it may seem like a fantasy. When it comes to weight loss methods, you can actually use the power of your own mind to permanently lose weight and live out that health fantasy.


If you want to have a slimmer, trimmer body, it begins by thinking differently from the thoughts you currently think about your body image.  You see, the mind is a powerful creative tool.


Think of your mind like it contains a massive file cabinet.  That mental file cabinet holds thoughts, beliefs, ideas, feelings and mind images in many different “file drawers.”  When you think certain thoughts associated with food, your body behaves a certain way. A hypnotist helps you clean out the file drawers holding thoughts that keep the excess weight on.


Hypnosis Helps You Rethink Your Association With Food

Sometimes the thoughts you think associated with food don’t follow logic.  But it’s not your fault. For whatever the reasons, things are working against sound nutrition for you, you can undo it by using hypnosis.


Hypnosis is actually a normal and natural nervous system phenomenon.  Because each of us hypnotizes him or herself several times a day, we are able to think for ourselves.


Almost anytime we express strong emotion, we also create a hypnotic mind state.  So, for example, when you sneeze, cough, scream, feel deeply sad, laugh at a joke, those all demonstrate strong emotion.  After you express a strong emotion, you then open your mind to accepting or forming a belief.  If those beliefs are self-limiting, it can affect how you personally value or judge yourself.  If you consider yourself to be “not good enough as you are” based on some action you do or do not perform well, you can ultimately develop a poor body image.


A poor mental image of yourself sets you up to feel unhappy in life as you perform tasks.  When you visit a professional hypnotist, he or she helps you think about yourself as wonderful for who you are.  You can discover how to keep your personal value separate from the value placed on skills you may or may not be able to perform well.


You’ve probably seen food advertisements that encourage you to indulge in comfort foods. These work well on people who already have a poor self-image about their personal value.  The truth is, you are priceless no matter if you are an astronaut, a caregiver, a person who does surgery, a person who collects the garbage for an occupation.


Your occupation or personal skills do not make you more or less valuable in life.  The fact that human life is priceless has nothing to do with how well you can perform any tasks.  Therefore, you are priceless AND, simultaneously, you may or may not perform some task well.  Performing a task well or poorly never changes your priceless human value to live.


Truthfully, there is no food on the earth that can provide you with emotional comfort. Additionally, you do not need to feel less or more important than anyone else just because you’ve been socially conditioned to believe people’s values change according to how well they can perform tasks.  Once you go to a hypnotist to learn how to make these ideas a part of your way of thinking, you stop feeling emotionally insecure about yourself. Emotions can ONLY be created as you think thoughts. So, when you change your thoughts, you can actually change your life.


Weight Loss Methods Begin With Happy Self Image Thoughts and Beliefs

When you feel respectfully happy with who you are, as you were designed from birth AND regardless of you performing well doing any particular action, you understand that no performance of any tasks changes your personal value. Learning to feel confidently secure about yourself, you understand how you’ve been tricked into believing food can be used for things other than fuel.


Remember, food is ONLY human fuel.  It is the ONLY thing you can fuel your body with… food = fuel.  This is one of many important ideas to adopt and use to your benefit to win the weight loss balance.


Food Is ONLY Fuel

Understanding that food can ONLY be used to fuel your body by using the nutrition found within REAL food, you start to think about food differently. When you see food for what it is, you also realize that in order to stay healthy, you need to eat ONLY real food in moderate amounts.


Junk food isn’t even food.  It’s like eating plastic, paper or pencil shavings with flavored chemicals. The human body was never meant to ingest undigestible materials such as what’s found in processed, junk food. So, even though you may have heard cutesy advertising jingles and have seen TV commercials that encourage you to believe that eating food for any emotional comfort reason is possible and logical, see it now as just a fantasy story that serves no useful purpose for anyone.


You Use Your Mind To Create Thoughts

The mind is a theory.  There is no physical mind organ like there is your organ called the brain. You cannot see thoughts.  However, you can feel the effects of believing and using specific thoughts.


You create all thoughts using your own mind. You access your thoughts using your subconscious mind.  A hypnotist helps you focus on thinking thoughts that are healthful and genuinely helpful to you. This means that if you struggle with weight loss, some former thoughts need to be reframed into ones that genuinely help you enjoy healthy habits.


If you are seeking to flush out excess pounds, it begins by “rewriting” the self-sabotaging thoughts you’ve already stored in your memory incorrectly associated with food and your personal self-value.  A professional hypnotist can help you learn how to reframe self-limiting thoughts into empowering ones.  If this is something you want to do to discover how to naturally release excess pounds from your body, know that I am here for you!


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