Integrative Medicine - Just What the Doctor Ordered

Integrative Medicine – Just What the Doctor Ordered

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Integrative Medicine - Just What the Doctor Ordered

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine, sometimes referred to as holistic medicine, targets treating your mind, body, and spirit. It combines with traditional medicine, complementary treatments, supported and proven effective by scientific research. Today’s cancer patient benefits greatly from the use of integrative medicine.

Healthcare has gone through tremendous changes over the past century as has medical science. Technology and medical science breakthroughs have led to great changes in our approach to achieving optimum wellbeing. We now know the mind, body, and spirit connection is at the foundation of wellbeing today.

Integrative medicine affords the cancer patient the chance to play a vital and empowered, proactive role in their care. Employing natural techniques, today’s patient can use care practices that simplify their care.

Asking for complementary medicine approaches, using the correct terms describing them, helps today’s patient know what to ask for when requesting natural solutions that support traditional medicine.  Making the best decisions relative to your treatment plan requires you to know and understand these terms.

Therefore, always discuss any non-traditional treatment you are considering with your primary healthcare provider before making them a part of your routine. Open, honest communication with your doctor is the best policy when it comes to your care.

Traditional Medicine by Any Other Name is Still Traditional

In 1890 Sir William Osler, the “Father of Modern Medicine” said, “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” This is the basis for traditional medicine but it can also be said of integrative medicine.

Nurses, doctors, physical therapists, social workers, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals make up your traditional care team. Other names used include:

  • Conventional medicine
  • Standard medical care
  • Biomedicine
  • Allopathic medicine
  • Western medicine
  • Mainstream medicine
  • Orthodox medicine

Integrative medicine combines treatments that complement traditional medicine and are proven and safe. Hypnosis is one form of integrative medicine used in cancer care today with good success. At Suburban Philly Hypnosis we’re proud to offer this proven integrative medicine approach to you.

Your hypnotherapist is uniquely qualified to provide you with help in following your personal health plan. A personal health plan includes your physical, emotional, and spiritual health needs; in other words, the whole you.

Your doctor can discuss other integrative medicine approaches you may want to include in your care. All the factors that influence your optimum wellbeing should be considered. Your hypnotherapist can assist you, using the power of your own mind, in dealing with many of the side effects of cancer treatment, medications, and discomfort. And, the hypnosis professional does this without using any drugs.

Is Integrative Medicine Right for You?

You won’t know unless you try. Discuss your options with your doctor and do some research on your own. Designing a good healthcare plan that is uniquely customized to your needs requires your input. Suburban Philly Hypnosis is more than happy to assist you in your efforts.  However, a complementary health plan begins with you.

Remember, integrative medicine makes use of all your treatment options, traditional and complementary. It’s a holistic approach that is aimed towards assisting your mind and body’s innate ability to naturally heal you, not just treat your health issues.

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