How to Manage Stress with Mind Power

How to Manage Stress with Mind Power

How to Manage Stress with Mind Power

What You Should Know

Nobody is immune from stress. Recognizing how to naturally manage it helps you stay well. Hypnosis for stress is your first line of defense against the daily or chronic causes of it.

Did you know over 40% of adults experience stress in their daily lives? In fact, research shows stress and tension to be a main contributing reason for 75-90% of all doctor office visits.

It can be difficult to relax when your mind and body are taxed. Have you forgotten how to or lack the ability to relax your mind or body? If so, you are at risk for developing stress which can lead to physical and emotional difficulties. Ignoring the cause of your stress can negatively affect how you function or react in any given situation.

For those who feel stressed, the problem begins in your mind. Hypnosis is a non-drug means for “fighting fire with fire.” In other words, by using thoughts from your own mind power, you give yourself the best chance for optimal physical and emotional health. As a Registered Nurse I can tell you the physiologic effects of this issue are too numerous to list here.

I will say that some situations create anxiety and tension which is a perfectly normal response. In other words, only some anxiety is “bad” for you. It is how your brain has learned to respond to any given situation which causes difficulty. Hypnosis can be a tool that helps change responses that no longer serve you.

Does Hypnosis Really Help?

Current research suggests that hypnosis is very effective in managing the anxiety associated with unnatural stress responses in people. Recent research done by psychiatrist Dr. Spiegal at Stanford University concluded the inability to relax is at the core of the problem.

Hypnosis is a deep form of relaxation. At Suburban Philly Hypnosis your trained hypnotherapist will act as a guide to help you see a situation in an empowered view instead of a disempowered view.  She can also educate you so you know the everyday myths about hypnosis.

When you are in a hypnosis session, you are in complete control. As you guide your mind to relax, you learn to allow your mind and body to resolve anxiety naturally.

Basically, in a hypnosis session, you think about an issue causing you to feel stressed out.  Your hypnotherapist helps you see the cause in a different way.  She helps you simplify the causes and self-limiting responses to your personal anxiety, stress, and tension.  When you see things differently, in an empowered way, you unlearn what doesn’t work for you and retrain your brain.  When you reprogram the old beliefs and allow your mind and body to respond naturally, your journey to optimal health begins.

You can visit the Stanford University website as well as the Scientific American site and review what researchers conclude with regard to hypnosis. You will find that hypnosis is now regarded as one of the best forms of managing anxiety and it is endorsed by the medical and psychology communities.

What’s My Next Step?

If you believe anxiety and stress have negatively affected your ability to function or has caused unnatural fears or panic, discuss the issue with your primary care provider. Your doctor will be able to make the proper diagnosis and make the appropriate referral for you.

At Suburban Philly Hypnosis we understand that every client is unique and we respect their individuality. We help you to develop a plan that works best for you. Visit our website for more information about hypnosis, sessions, and location at  We’re here to provide complimentary alternative health solutions that support your wellness in conjunction with your doctor’s medical advice.

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