Kiss Your Fears Goodbye with Self-Hypnosis

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Spiders, and doctors and dates, oh my! What do these, and other seemingly unrelated things, all have in common? Fear. People are afraid of lots of different things: the dark, heights, flying, public speaking, the unknown, success, bridges, tunnels, exams, and many more.

If you struggle with fear, you know the awful feeling of sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach and a racing heart. So, if you’re ready to kiss your fears goodbye, and feel confident and calm again, keep reading. With self-hypnosis, you finally can.

Mind Power and Your Fears

Your mind is very powerful. Your thoughts have a huge impact on your feelings and the decisions you make. But even though your mind has incredible potential, it’s not always right.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imaginary threats. You can fear a real or imaginary danger, and you will react in exactly the same way. So, if you go for a morning run, and an unfriendly dog chases you, you feel afraid, and rightfully so! That’s a real threat.

But, let’s talk about unnaturally perceived threats.  Suppose you feel afraid when you make an important presentation at work.  Feeling just as afraid as when that guard dog chased you is an unnatural threat. Why?  Typically, public speaking is completely safe to do.

You see, your mind can’t tell the difference between the real threat and the one that’s just in your head. Unfortunately, your body and mind feel equally terrified for both. Luckily, you can help your mind learn when it’s okay to feel fear, and when there’s really no physical threat. This is where self-hypnosis comes in.

Self-Hypnosis Helps You Overcome Fear

During hypnosis, you subconsciously enter into a focused and deep state of relaxation. You use your subconscious mind because it is there where your fears hide. When you’re in this deeply relaxed state, you can remove and replace your fears with more positive and affirmative thoughts. Your hypnotist can show you how to do self-hypnosis on your own.

Identify Your Fears Before Self-Hypnosis

What’s the best way to solve a problem? Knowing what the problem is! So, before you can remove your fears during self-hypnosis, you typically need to know what your fears are.

A good place to start is by asking questions like, “What is my fear?” or, “Why do I have this specific fear?” Then, let your subconscious mind help you figure out what you’re truly afraid of. For example, you might fear public speaking, but what are you truly afraid of? Maybe you fear rejection, embarrassment, making mistakes, or drawing a blank. But now ask yourself, “Why am I afraid of these things?” Taking some time to understand your fears will help make your self-hypnosis much more powerful.

Feel Confident and Calm with Self-Hypnosis

You can use your mind to imagine the absolute worst, or the absolute best. And, when you’re in a deeply relaxed mind state, you can visualize events and actions in a more positive way. This is how self-hypnosis helps you change the way you think about old fears.

For example, are you dreading an upcoming doctor’s appointment, and all those injections? During self-hypnosis, you can imagine your appointment going very well, and see yourself as calm and confident throughout the appointment. You can imagine yourself entering and leaving the medical office with a smile on your face because you feel as light as a feather.

However, it is often necessary to have the help of a professional hypnotist to guide your through the process first.  A trained hypnotist can suggest things to your subconscious mind you would never think of imagining to improve things.

After seeing a professional hypnotist, he or she can often provide suggestions and affirmations for you to repeatedly and regularly use.  These thought patterns help you transform unnatural fear thoughts into confidence-building and empowerment thoughts. To get your questions answered about how to eliminate or transform your unnatural fears, contact a professional hypnotist.



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