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How to Use Your Own Mind to Stay Calm and Reduce Stress

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When you feel stressed, do you want to escape from everything that’s bothering you? Sometimes, removing yourself from a stressful situation, is a good way to cope with difficult situations. But stress can still follow you wherever you go. That’s because most of your stress is a result of what you think. But, no matter what’s going on, you can use the power of your mind to stay calm. And today, I’m going to share some easy ways for you to do just that.

Why It’s Important to Reduce Stress and Stay Calm

An occasional stressful situation isn’t a bad thing. It can sharpen your awareness, challenge you and even protect you from a dangerous circumstance. But chronic stress can result in long-lasting, negative emotions and constant bodily tension.

What’s more, chronic stress can interfere with the part of your brain that deals with self-control. It also makes it difficult for your brain to produce new cells. As you can see, stress depletes you of the very power you need for stressful situations – a strong and powerful mind.

Even though chronic stress can seem overwhelming, your mind is capable of great things, too. And with the right tools, you can harness the strength of your mind to stay calm during stressful situations. Let’s explore some of these coping strategies.

Replace Negative with Positive

Any given situation is basically neutral. How you perceive it makes it good or bad, positive or negative. So, whenever you hear a negative statement repeating in your thoughts, flip it around.

Do you talk negatively about yourself and your capabilities? Whenever you’re drowning in negative self-talk, reverse your statement with a positive mantra. And then, say this mantra repeatedly. When you do, you reprogram your mind to believe something better about yourself and your situation.

For example, when you have an overwhelming task at work, it’s easy to say: I’m never going to finish this on time! But when you notice this limiting belief, you can neutralize it with a positive thought, and say: I have all the resources and time I need to complete this task. Saying and believing this new thought will help you stay calm even with a fast-approaching deadline.

Stay Calm with Self-Hypnosis

A certified hypnotist can help you enter a state of deep relaxation, where you can access your subconscious mind. That’s where you store lots of limiting and negative beliefs about yourself as well as the positive self-beliefs. By tapping into this state of consciousness, you can identify the false beliefs and replace them with empowering ones.

Now, it’s true that you can’t run to your hypnotist every time you feel stressed. But with their guidance, you can learn self-hypnosis techniques. You can bring these with you wherever you go to stay calm and reduce stress when it arises.

Develop a Mindfulness Practice

Your brain is a muscle, and the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. When you practice mindfulness, you can strengthen and change the part of your brain that helps you stay calm during stress.

How can you practice mindfulness? A simple way is to become aware of your body and how it feels. You can become aware of your surroundings by focusing on your senses. You can also enter a state of mindfulness with deep breathing exercises, a long walk, and even a yoga or meditation practice.

You’ll notice that the best ways to become mindful is to disconnect from distractions and stress triggers. This allows you to focus on your body, breath and movement. When you are mindful of your environment and your own inner world, you can observe your stress and not be overtaken by it.

Acknowledge the Stress and Appreciate the Good

Feeling grateful and appreciating everything and anything can lower cortisol levels, the stress hormone. This doesn’t mean you need to deny stressful situations, or pretend they don’t exist. It just means that there are also beautiful things happening in your life. And by acknowledging these things and feeling grateful for them, you can reduce your stress.

How can you do this? Simply pay attention to what makes you smile, and what makes you happy throughout the day. And whenever you notice your positive emotions, say “Thank you!”

There’s no escaping stress except to stay right where you are and use the power of your mind. When you do, you can stay calm and roll with the punches.




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