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How to Energize, Manage Pain, and Achieve Optimal Health

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With a new year upon us, many people are busy making new resolutions. It’s safe to say that fitness and health goals are on most of our lists. But setting new resolutions is the easy part. It’s sticking to them that’s challenging. And while there are many helpful ways to stay on track this year, consider trying hypnosis. Are you thinking, “Does hypnosis work?” The simple answer is YES, it does!

How Does Hypnosis Work?

The answer is no one really knows.  We only truly know of its effects.  Nowadays, hypnosis is very accepted in the mainstream.  Why?  Because hypnosis works!

Hypnosis is a natural and normal nervous system function.  Because we all hypnotize ourselves, we are able to store ideas and access those ideas from our subconscious memory.

It’s important to remember that you can never enter a state of hypnosis against your will. The decision to believe or reject an idea is always up to you. You can only enter a state of hypnosis when you allow it to happen.

A hypnotist guides you into a mind state of deep relaxation by speaking calmly and naturally. As you listen to what this trained professional is saying, you believe IN to your mind, the ideas that sound and seem reasonable and acceptable to you.

How does hypnosis work in the subconscious mind? Your subconscious mind holds massive amounts of information you’ve stored there, or, that is there from before birth. Some programs come “pre-packaged” in your DNA designed to keep you well and happy.

As already explained, Hypnosis is actually a natural and normal nervous system phenomenon.  Without being able to hypnotize yourself, and access or add to your mind’s memory banks, you would have to rely on external memory from somewhere else to successfully live your life.

Your subconscious mind holds your memory.  When you think a thought and make a decision you are doing so with your conscious mind.  Once you BELIEVE the ideas you’re consciously thinking, the ideas then get stored into your subconscious.  As you make new decisions, you add to and access already stored subconsciously stored information.  This is how the human mind works.  It’s similar to working with your computer.

When using your computer, you, the human, decide to create a new word processing document using the tool called a computer.  You open up your word processing program and start typing.  It is the program that makes possible your ability to create a word processing document.

Then, you save the document and file it away on your computer.  In this way, your computer’s memory storage compartment acts like your subconscious mind.

When it comes to accessing your computer’s files, you can access the files any time you desire.  You just search your computer’s memory files.

Your mind works similarly.  You think about something, want to make a decision regarding that topic, access information from a past experience and then make a decision.  In less than a second, you retrieve subconsciously memorized information and use it to make new decisions or similar decisions from ones you’ve already made.

A hypnotist guides you to help you enter your subconscious mind. There you can identify negative, limiting thoughts and start to replace them with positive beliefs instead. Or, he or she can guide you to focus ONLY on the positive ones to effortlessly achieve a desired goal.

The hypnotist never controls you. She or he is your guide, to help you achieve your goals.

How Does Hypnosis Work So You Can Achieve Specific Goals?

There is a common saying, “Great minds think alike”, and when your subconscious mind and conscious mind are on the same page, incredible things happen! Maybe you set goals, but you can’t achieve them because you have a lack of energy, motivation or enthusiasm. All of these mindsets are connected to the mind. Once you remove negative mental blocks, you can begin to have feelings of enthusiasm and motivation again.

Stay True to Your Health and Wellness Goals with Hypnosis

Do you care about your body and health? Do you want to make changes to it? You can! And hypnosis can help you change your thinking and remove the mental blocks that get in the way of your dreams.

To find out if hypnosis is a good fit for you, contact Doris today to learn more.

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