Management of Pain

One Exceptional Reason Hypnosis Effectively Manages Chronic Pain


Hypnosis has been used for management of pain for years. It helps reduce, and even remove pain responses in a simple, yet highly effective manner.  And it does it all without using drugs.  That’s one exceptional reason hypnosis effectively manages chronic pain!  No drugs and no drug side effects!

Pain comes in two main categories, acute and chronic.

Acute pain might be intense, but it is temporary. If you have a small cut on your finger, it might indeed be painful, but you know it will end soon.

Compare acute with chronic pain.  Chronic pain recurs with no prospect of ending anytime soon.  The good news is that you can use the power of your own mind and hypnosis to effectively manage both types of pain.

Think about young children who hurt themselves.  Many of them can dramatically express the sensation of pain.  But, comforted, reassured, and soothed with kind, encouraging comforting words reduces the intensity of pain. The phenomenon of a person being comforted, reassured and soothed by kindness, compassion and an encouraging attitude demonstrates that our thoughts can greatly influence how we experience pain.  Enter hypnosis!

In hypnosis you learn to positively focus and concentrate on how you can work with pain.  Working with the positive aspects of pain, you discover how to naturally reduce the pain’s intensity. This is one of the wonderful benefits of using hypnosis for effective management of pain.

Management of Pain

Pain can be very absorbing. For example, if you have an intense toothache, you might find it challenging to pay attention to the funny sitcom on TV to distract your attention away from feeling the pain.

Pain can also affect us emotionally. Feelings of grief, anxiety and anger arise with chronic pain. You can use hypnosis to soothe and reduce the stress of these situations.  How?  By thinking encouraging and optimistic thoughts instead of focusing on feeling hopeless about pain.  Hypnotic suggestion that inspires hope and optimism helps you effectively manage your pain.

Here’s an example of how you can use the power of your own mind to manage pain.

When you’re feeling pain, stop calling it pain.  Instead, distract yourself from focusing on the pain feeling and instead start to breathe through the event.  Relax and imagine yourself being in a theater.  As you sit down in a chair in the theater, you notice it is a very comfortable chair.

Allow yourself to sink into the chair.  Imagine the chair snugly conforming to your exact body shape.  The chair has unique qualities…with unique construction to it.  It’s like the chairs they custom make for the astronauts who are launched into space in a space capsule.  It is perfectly formatted to their body to provide them the highest level of comfort.

As you are noticing that this is the most comfortable chair you’ve ever sat in, you change your focus to something happening up on the stage.  It’s a woman with a puppy.  The puppy is limping onto the stage.  It is summer.  The puppy has burned his paws on the hot summer asphalt.  See the woman puppy owner put ice on the puppy’s paws. Notice that the puppy relaxes into the cool, soothing, comfortable ice on his paws.

Then you use your imagination and relate to what is happening to the puppy.  You imaging applying a cooling ice cube anywhere on your body.  Is there a place on your body you’d like to feel a cooling sensation?  Now is the time to enjoy that feeling in this current moment.

Enjoy this cooling comfortable story for as long as you desire.  When you are ready to go about your day, open your eyes and enjoy the power of your mind for your own purposes of wellness!

I hope you enjoyed this brief example of hypnosis in action.  Please feel free to read this hypnotic story and benefit from it.  It is designed to help you naturally feel better whenever you desire while you are at home in a distraction free environment.


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