How to Reduce Stress

How to Reduce Stress – Stress Management When You Have No Time For It

Imagine this scene…you need to know how to reduce stress when it comes to making important life decisions.  Basically, you are like many people who dislike confronting and resolving conflict.  The thought of you needing to solve a messy “people problem” where those involved may have hurt feelings or, where your feelings might be hurt stresses you out.


You are uncomfortable working through challenging relationship dramas.  But you are the one smack dab in the middle of the situation.  So, how can you reduce your stress about it?  Plenty!  Here are some ideas…


How To Reduce Stress In Stressful People

If you feel stressed going into a situation, think about what you are focusing on when it comes to helping people work through a challenge.  If you start out telling yourself, “I have no time to reduce the stress of this issue!” you are right.  And you actually program your mind to FEEL like you have no time to reduce the stress.  The truth is, by telling yourself you do not have time to reduce your stress, you may be avoiding what seems so socially unpleasant.  Since you already know you do not want to get involved in the situation, YOU may be one of the stressful people involved in the social challenge.


So, one thing you can do is stop focusing on what you DON’T have or CAN’T do to power through this challenging decision making event.  Instead, assume that you CAN work through it.  Use your mind and brain together by asking questions that assume you CAN successfully work through this stress inducing situation such as, “Why am I easily reducing my stress in this situation?” or “Why is everything working out just fine in this situation?” or “Why do I seem to have a knack for successfully getting through challenging social situations?”  All these questions formatted in a way assuming you DO have ability to resolve conflict actually directs your mind and brain to work together to make these questions true.   When you assume you CAN find the compatible way to resolve a situation, it works out in a positive outcome.



When things seem very stressful, we actually can change the way we breathe.  We may start to breathe in short bursts bringing in less oxygen.  When you have too little oxygen in your system your cortisol levels raise.  Cortisol is the stress hormone.  So by taking just a few seconds and purposely relaxing before you get into a stress perceived situation, you can actually get through it more easily.


Additionally, when you breathe in a purposely relaxed state, you also naturally oxygenate your blood.  Naturally oxygenated blood brings more oxygen to your entire body and all the body systems that support life.  So, by breathing in a calm way, you help support your life.  A supported life is a happier life.  These two stress reduction techniques work well for people who have no time to do stress management.



Did you know almost anytime you express a strong emotion you also often create a hypnotic mind state?  It’s true.  When you stress yourself out, you have also listened to the suggestions in your mind about perceiving a situation as stressful.  So, just relax and express a strong calm emotional mindset and you’ve also discovered one more way you can reduce stress, even when you didn’t think you had time to reduce your stress!


If you need help with more simple ideas about reducing your stress, even when you have no time for it, please contact me. Together we can talk about it. Here at Suburban Philly Hypnosis we are here to help you naturally reduce your stress.

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