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Sports Hypnosis For Enhanced Performance

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Sports hypnosis for enhanced performance, people, we’re talking brain high tech. Training your mind to be a better baseball player, a better runner, a better basketball player, better at any sporting activity. Shooting arrows, bowling, bicycle X Games, anything! This CAN be you when you join our sports hypnosis team.

Sports Hypnosis is Mind Training

Sports hypnosis for enhanced performance has been around for many years. Imagine Using mind training to run faster, jump higher, and be better at your sport is kind of young, about 60-70 years young. So why do smart athletes turn to the secret weapon known as sports hypnosis?  Here’s why.


Today’s athletes need more than talent. They must have focused minds and iron-strong mental toughness. That’s right, sports excellence requires more than just a physically fit being.  Athletes also need mental and emotional superiority.  That’s why if you’re an athlete a little off your game, sports hypnosis is the smart move.


Back in the 1950s, the Russian Olympic Teams were invincible! No country could outdo them and they led the whole world in Olympic event medals won. The Russians were among the first to use hypnosis, or mind training, to enhance performance of their athletes. They knew all the good things that hypnosis was able to do and made it work for them.


What good things did hypnosis do for those athletes? Here’s just a sample:


  • increased focus on goals
  • effectively managed athlete’s nerves
  • relaxed the athlete
  • eliminated performance fear
  • naturally managed pain
  • motivated them to excel
  • increased conscious awareness to focus on goal achievement


By doing all these things better performance followed.  And, just like it did for those athletes, hypnosis does this for amateur as well as professional athletes. Want a specific example?  How about pro golfer Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods Uses Hypnosis

Since his teen years, Tiger Woods discovered the benefits of success imagery.  Guided success imagery, a form of self-hypnosis, helps you mentally rehearse being a success.  Once you mentally rehearse it, physically experiencing it becomes much more likely.  And we all know how amazingly Tiger Woods, from a young age, took the gold world by storm!


Humans have one amazing, spectacular brain.  Capable of more than you can imagine, your brain makes you an incredible creative being.  Picture yourself as a success the more you use self-hypnosis.  The sky is the limit!


During the 1984 Olympics, gymnast MaryLou Retton used visualization, another form of mind training hypnosis. As it turned out, it was the difference between a gold medal and withdrawing from the competition.


Tiger and MaryLou show how they were able to imagine or visualize doing something better by first training their mind. And you can do it, too.  Suburban Philly Hypnosis is here to help you attain the secrets to training your mind for excellence.  Doing so, you can regularly experience exceptional performance results in your chosen sport.


Today, thanks to sports hypnosis you no longer have to settle for just being a member of the team. It’s possible to be the “go to” athlete. The one your coach wants to have the ball when the game is on the line. The normal and natural mind of yours is success just waiting to happen. And when you take the initiative to train yourself well, you are the one that goes to the head of the performance line.  Here’s what Wikipedia says about sports hypnosis:


Hypnosis is mind training that will help you perform at your highest level. If you have avoided sports because you believe you are not good enough, you may have “stuck” memories of low self esteem. Some memories may be false memories that create false fears. With the help of a hypnotist you can get rid of those memories, fears and build confidence to perform better athletically.


Your mind is made up of very special nerve cells that hold big amounts of electric energy. Your mind is very creative and it can make up untruths that your imagination feeds. This creates what are called limiting beliefs. In other words, having beliefs that stop you from doing something better than you are able to do.

False Beliefs Can Be Permanently Let Go

The good news is these false beliefs can be permanently let go.  The negative emotion you associate with these false beliefs can be dissolved and made to go away and never bother you again. Think of how your life will be different once your fullest abilities can be a part of your life. You now have skills that help you for the rest of your life.


One final note on how we mentally and/or emotionally create limiting beliefs. This is the Roger Bannister story, named after the distance runner Roger Bannister.  Those who “buy into” this self-limiting belief are said to suffer from The Bannister Effect.


In the 1950s, the running world and popular public opinion promoted the false belief that no human could ever possibly run the one-mile race in less than four minutes. It had never been done.


In 1954, Roger Bannister did it with a time of 3 minutes 59 seconds. In the year that followed, over 100 runners ran the race in less than four minutes.  The point here is that false beliefs can be changed.  To find out what false beliefs may be holding you back, we invite you to come for a session so we can identify and eliminate them.


At Suburban Philly Hypnosis Center we want to help you to be all that you can be. If you would like to learn to perform at your absolute highest potential, we can help you do that. Sports hypnosis for performance enhancement has been shown to be effective with any sport.


Through hypnosis, the sports enthusiast is taught the necessary skills that allow for increased focus and concentration. By reprogramming the subconscious mind, we help rid you of the limiting beliefs of old memories that prevent optimum performance. Call us at (215) 659-6955 if you have any questions regarding services, location, or sessions, or e-mail us [email protected].

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