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New Year’s Resolutions: Goal Setting

For most people, a new year is another chance to better themselves. They see the New Year as an opportunity to start fresh, release old habits and develop healthier ones. With goal setting, they make a list of New Year’s resolutions that they promise to work on throughout the year.


Typically, people start strong. In the first few weeks of the year, they remain religious to their New Year’s resolutions. However, as months pass, many fail to remain consistent. Why is that so?


There are a number of factors. For instance, a majority refuse to step out of their comfort zones. Developing a new habit is not as easy as it sounds. A person who makes the decision to change is faced with challenges within and outside of himself. There are some who triumph over adversities thrown their way while others choose to give up and slink back to their comfort zones.


So, what does effective goal setting really involve? What kind of New Year’s resolutions should you make? Luckily, as you turn a new leaf this 2016, I have come up with the right way to set goals for 2016.


Take Small Steps

If your New Year’s resolutions feel like big changes, tackle them in small steps. Begin with easy tasks that increase in difficulty as you become more accustomed to the change. For instance, you committed to sleep at 10PM. Let’s say you usually go to sleep at past midnight. Begin by aiming first to hit the sack by midnight then slightly work your way down to 10PM.


Reward Yourself Even for Small Achievements

As you work step by step toward your goal, do not forget to reward yourself even for small achievements you make. A lot of people fail to follow their New Year’s resolutions because they lack motivation especially the one that comes from within. Self-motivation is an important factor in achieving your goals. Do not be too hard on yourself.


Make a Plan B

A lot of people drop and forget their New Year’s resolutions because they find it hard to stick to them. If you find a planned change difficult to carry out, make a plan B. For example, this year, you committed to losing unwanted weight. So, you planned to work out 5 times a week at the gym. It sounded like a sound plan until you later discovered that you find the gym boring. Instead of giving up, just change your plan without losing sight of your goal. Opt for another exercise routine which you find interesting like running or playing a sport of your choice.


Do not lose sight of the future

Think ahead. Do not lose sight of the better person that you want to become. If you can keep in your mind the image of where your goals would ultimately take you, it would be easier to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.


If all else fails, do not feel discouraged. Through hypnosis, there is still a way! It is a powerful and effective way to change your life and become a better version of you. It can provide you with the focus and confidence that you need as you make your goals for 2016 come true. To learn more about how hypnosis can help you make this year a fruitful one, call 215-659-6955 to schedule your free consultation. You may also send me a message at [email protected].


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