5 Unhealthy Habits that Cause Weight Gain

Our unhealthy habits are the number one culprits of weight gain. Skipping out on the gym or indulging in sweets are only a couple of examples and they are quite obvious. We all know that working out and following a strict diet are essential to weight loss. However, what many of us are unaware of is that there are seemingly harmless habits in our daily routine that “silently” contribute to weight gain. Here are five unhealthy habits you should look out for:


1. Ignoring Serving Sizes

Snacking on nutritious food without control is still considered unhealthy. You could be consuming more calories than you think. For instance, peanut butter is commonly used by dieters in making healthy snacks. One tablespoon is healthy but when that one tablespoon turns to two or three, you’ve already consumed way too much calories than your body needs. To avoid consuming too much, portion out your snacks and meals. Put food packages away before eating so you won’t be tempted to eat more than one serving size.


2. “Post-Gym Couch Potato” Syndrome

Do you exercise regularly but still not losing weight? You may be suffering from “Post-Gym Couch Potato” Syndrome. A lot of regular exercises are committed to their daily workout but they tend to move less throughout the remainder of the day. Even if you exercise regularly, prolonged periods of inactivity are linked to poor health. Kick the “I already worked out today so I can afford to be lazy now” mindset. Try to move more all day long. Add more physical activity to your daily routine by making small choices like taking the stairs or picking faraway parking spots. They don’t burn too many calories alone, but they do add up over time.


3. Weekend Cheat Days

Many dieters stick to their plan perfectly throughout the week then they “reward” themselves on the weekends by overindulging. They feel that they deserve having cheat days and oftentimes, this involves binge eating. Just imagine, two days of unlimited pizza, ice cream and chocolates. This can have a reverse effect on all the progress they made during the week. Prevent yourself from overindulging by rewarding yourself with only one meal. You can also allow yourself to eat small treats during the week so won’t be tempted to binge on the weekend.


4. Mindless Eating

When we do two things at the same time, one of them is compromised. We are guilty of this behavior. Too often, we find ourselves driving or watching the television while munching on snacks. Before we realize it, we have already finished a bag of potato chips in under ten minutes. To avoid making your waistline (and health) suffer, practice mindfulness. Pay attention to your food intake while you are doing something else. Also refrain from eating food straight from its packaging and never eat in front of your fridge or pantry.


5. Artificial Sweeteners

A lot of us think that artificial sweeteners are the healthier choice because they are calorie-free. This belief is entirely wrong. They have negative side effects that could potentially lead to artificial weight gain. Artificial sweeteners like Splenda lower the amount of good stomach bacteria and according to several studies, lower levels of such bacteria is associated with obesity. Avoid using artificial sweeteners. Stick with the real stuff like raw sugar, just use less of it.


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